Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Beauty Everywhere

What a week! The Tooth Fairy paid her first visit to our house, a birthday was celebrated, we hung wallpaper and the garden grew and grew.

I am so happy with the wallpaper! I love it! Neither of us had hung wallpaper before and I couldn't find a friend who had. With the help of a few how-to videos we got it up just fine, although now I understand why everyone pays to have someone else do it. As we were finishing it up Vincent vowed to never hang wallpaper again. Fortunately that was the only wall I wanted to paper, so it works out. I've saved the rest of the paper and might hang a bit more by myself someday though. I really like how it distinguishes the dining area from the rest of the room overall. I love looking at it up close and I love it from afar.

A friend texted me on Saturday (while we were wallpapering) about a good deal on berries and did I want to get in on it? My yes resulted in 25 lbs of partially frozen boysenberries and a flat of silvan berries (both varieties of blackberry) being delivered at 10 pm that night. I let the boysenberries thaw overnight and spent the next day making pints and pints of jam, two types of liqueur (one with berries soaking in vodka, the other with the berries soaking in red wine),  a crisp, and 6 bags of frozen berries pre-measured for future crisps. Gianna asked me today if there are any berries I don't like and I can't think of one, but I'm pretty sure that blackberries are my favorite.

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  1. Your wallpaper is a triumph. It looks sensational. I keep looking at the version with the black background, wondering where we could hang it in our house....
    It's a bit early for blackberries here but I have noticed a few starting to appear in the hedgerows. I love blackberry season. X