Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Busy Elves

We've all settled into the extended-weekend-feeling of Winter Break. The kids have been spending their mornings together crafting, playing school, or just doing silly things - see that photo above of both of them bouncing on the Roddy pony. One of them would yell out something like "Eject!" and then bounce the other one off, as they fell into a heap laughing.

I've been making lists (one of my favorite things to do) of things I'd like to accomplish over this two week winter break. This list is in no way comprehensive, just a sampling: rearrange the kitchen (already started!), plan next year's veggie and flower garden, make camping reservations for the summer, teach Gianna how to weave friendship bracelets, actually finish reading a book, start some fermentation projects (fire cider and dilly beans) and other cooking projects, in addition to hosting Christmas dinner. We still have yet to make and frost/decorate cookies, and there's a gingerbread house kit waiting to be opened. And gifts to wrap, more granola to make, and liqueur to bottle...

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  1. I always think I'll get loads done over the Christmas break and in reality it's always too busy. I hope you got some things ticked off your list, and had some time to rest too! It looks like you had a wonderful family Christmas. x