Thursday, December 15, 2016

Winter Birthday Magic

This time of year is very busy (unless the snow forces us to slow down) and it always surprises me. It has been a blur of Breakfast with Santa (an annual tradition), the Waldorf Winter Faire, Scanfair, snow days, popcorn, and freezing while cutting down a Christmas tree.
For Dean's birthday last weekend he chose to invite only two friends from preschool for a perfectly sized party. A week earlier he told me he wanted "a chocolate cake with red frosting, with doughtnuts on top with white frosting and red sprinkles." Whew! I managed to pull it off with no one commenting that the cream cheese frosting turned pink, not red when I added food coloring to it. His birthday requests of pants were fulfilled, plus legos!
The snow returned yesterday. School has been cancelled for today and tomorrow and won't reconvene until January. I *think* I've already finished my Christmas shopping. Fingers crossed. To combat cabin fever I've been cooking, of course. I'm hoping this pumpkin pie, sweetened only with maple syrup, will pass the family taste test. Also, granola-making on repeat...

Update: the pie is a hit! The crust is nice and flaky. If we weren't snowed in I'd be running to the store for some heavy cream to whip. Recipe here.

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  1. Happy birthday! The donuts looks great. Lovely place to go out for a walk. In here it's brutally cold so not nice for a walk. (Northern US) Those Swedish boy and girl with the candles are so cute. Thank you sharing!!