Friday, October 21, 2016

Foggy Fall

My favorite view from our living room is of the distant trees in the top photo. The house across the street isn't much to look at but the trees just beyond its' roof are always worth a peek, especially if they're layered in morning fog.

My new evening ritual is to get in bed, knit (still working on Gianna's sweater), and watch old episodes of Gilmore Girls. It's a good routine. Cozy. Once the sweater is finished I'll switch to stitching all of the ornaments I've cut out for a new advent calendar.

A few months ago Vincent started listening to the Harry Potter books. He'd watched all of the movies but hadn't read the books. I was busy listening to other things, but have now joined in with him for book six, The Half-Blood Prince, and I'm really enjoying it. It's a great change of pace from all of the political podcasts and radio I'm also listening to. I read all of the books, but it has been years and its so nice to be in the world of Hogwarts again a bit each day.

I had a good morning today: packing lunches, getting the kids off to school, Boot Camp (so many jumping jacks!) and shopping for new athletic gear with a friend. Then came a call from preschool that Dean had a fever and could I pick him up? Now the weekends' plans of friends' birthday parties, a visit to the pumpkin patch, etc are on hold. Time to load up the slow cooker with bones and veggies for broth and settle in with a book.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Cabin Fever

This has been a week of highs, lows, and boring middles. The first half of the week was beautiful, sunny fall. My birthday was six weeks ago and I finally got my friends together for a birthday dinner. Having a birthday at the end of August has always been difficult. I have postponed many parties since so many people go out of town that week one last time before schools starts. We had dinner at my favorite restaurant, Kachka. It is Russian cuisine and is so amazing.
A few days later Dean and I went to the hospital early in the morning so he could have a cyst removed. It was tiny but uncomfortable and the doctor said it would eventually rupture if we didn't take any action. The hardest part was watching him get put under deep sedation for the procedure. The staff worked quickly and soon he was woken up with a popsicle to which he replied, "yum," and I knew he was alright. I was so impressed with everyone who worked with my son that morning. Thank you to everyone who works in the healthcare field! After that my job was to keep him calm (ha, ha) and home so he didn't pop his stitches. We did lots of coloring, crafting, reading, and tv. We even baked an apple cake that didn't rise like it was supposed to, but still turned out to be delicious.
Then Thursday night, right before I pulled dinner out of the oven, the power went out. There went my plans to crisp up the chicken skin under the broiler. Cooking dinner by headlamp isn't my favorite, but it was a bit of an adventure.
By the time the weekend rolled around I was really ready to get out of the house and do something. However, yesterday morning as we were making plans for the day Gianna came down with a fever, which of course led to another day spent at home. There was also a looming storm which had us busy; me baking bread and making soup (with the leftover chicken) before dinner time so we would have food if the power went out again, and Vincent pulling down the bean trellis that was threatening to topple with each new gust of wind. Fortunately we didn't lose power and were able to stay cozy in our warm, well lit home. Happily today everyone is feeling good and looking forward to school tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016


I think Dean captured my essence well here, especially my giant ears and one blue tooth.

October has arrived and brought the rain along with it. I love sleeping when it is raining. It's the best lullaby, snug under a pile of blankets. Last friday it was our turn to bring the class pet home for the weekend. The kids were ecstatic and basically stayed in the craft room with her all of friday and saturday. By the end of the weekend Vincent and I were really glad we didn't have a guinea pig full time. The mess! The smell! Not to mention monitoring the safety of a small creature with kids full of enthusiasm. Eva was well loved and is now back at school. We all remarked at how big our cat seemed after holding Eva. I think the cat enjoyed a break from her daily attention from the kids.

I should be planting cover crops right now but the rain makes me less than excited to get out there. I just want to stay in and bake or knit with a cup of tea. I had two pears that were almost spoiled so I made another pear custard tart. I also put some pears in one of the batches of muffins I made on sunday. They're like little gems of deliciousness. This lentil salad is my new favorite lunch. I prefer it without the potatoes. Today I added just the dressed lentils to a green salad with a six minute egg. I'm enjoying it while I write this post and listen to Ryan Adams' Easy Tiger. I can't seem to get enough Ryan Adams lately.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Flock, Flora, and Food

I've loved Japanese Anemones forever. Somewhere there are photos of me posing in front of my grandparents' pink anemones on my first day of school when I was six or seven. Now that our front yard is no longer a mess of blackberries and dying grass, I've had the opportunity to plant all of the plants I've always wanted to have. There isn't much shade in the front yard, but there is one spot shaded by a big pink rhododendron that I've stuck three anemones in; two white and one pink. The first one to bloom has these pretty blue/purple streaks on the back of the petals. Swoon... Can't wait for the others to bloom too!

Last weekend we went to the Flock and Fiber Festival. It features yarn (fiber) and the animals that provide the fiber for the yarn (flock). The kids love the animals, I love the yarn and the animals, and we all love the corndogs and ribbon fries. I don't know how I didn't take any photos of yarn. Whoops! The angora bunnies were so amazing. They look like they're squished into their cages but really they're like 80% fur and only 20% animal. We got to pet one and it was like petting a cloud. So Soft.

On monday night, after speed eating our dinner, we all watched the presidential debate. Playing bingo helped offset the anger I felt while listening to the stream of lies come out of Trump's mouth a bit. At the end of it Gianna, who is six and a half, said that she thought Trump and her class bully (my word, not hers) would get along because "they just seem similar." She is wise beyond her years.