Tuesday, May 29, 2012

from my kitchen (and a rainstorm)

chicken pot pie with biscuit topping and a side of red cabbage 
classic spaghetti and meatballs with broccoli

and meatball sandwiches the next night...

potstickers and avocado; a perfect late night snack


orange flesh honeydew - so good

egg, avocado, havarti and mayo on a roll

making dough

individual rhubarb crisps for the freezer

mama's night off

insane rainstorm

obligatory weekend pizza: red pepper, spinach, and mushroom on whole grain crust

snap peas from the garden!

pork chops, green garden salad, and creamy dill potato salad


  1. They all look so delicious...especially the pizza! And we also do a mama's night off once weekly of take-out chinese food, yummy!!

    1. mama's night off is essential to maintaining sanity.

  2. Oh Cassie, your meals always look so good, you eat so well. I feel inadequate now and am going to try to do better! I love how in America your Chinese take-out comes in those cute cardboard boxes. Here, it comes in a little plastic pot with a lid, but they are quite handy as once you've washed them out you can keep things like buttons and ribbon in them!

    1. oh, don't feel inadequate. i don't craft nearly as much as you do, which makes me feel inadequate.

  3. Did you bake your rhubarb crisp first and then freeze? I'm looking for freezer ideas for when mama doesn't feel like cooking.

    1. hi jen- i don't bake it first. i just freeze them. then when i want one i pull one out of the freezer a few hours before i want to bake it. they're so small that it really doesn't matter. then i bake it. so easy and so yummy! i need to make more before the season ends!