Monday, May 21, 2012

snapshots from the weekend

my current favorite breakfast: poached eggs on toast with tea

chicken salad with last week's pickled radishes on a bed of homegrown lettuce

the first strawberry of the season!

two seconds later...

welcome to your new home tomatoes!

checking in on the potato towers

the beginnings of a bean and edamame tepee

burgers after a big day in the garden

do you think it's a bit too big? maybe?

light, fresh and seasonal

swirling steam, hot from the oven

tea time


  1. Looks like a fun weekend with lots of outside time! The bread looks delicious! My husband made homemade bread early yesterday morning and I think I ate half the loaf yesterday...who can resist fresh bread!!

  2. Oh yum and yum! I love how you really use everything in your garden and eat with the seasons. Your garden is really coming along. Those burgers look SO good.

  3. I"m intrigued by your potato towers. How does it work?

    1. it's our first year trying them out. i hope they work! here's where i got the idea and instructions for the potato towers: