Monday, May 14, 2012

snapshots from the weekend

harvested the last of the radishes and pickled a batch. recipe here.

oatmeal, tea and strawberries. always a winner.

carbonara and salad. light and simple.

getting ready to roll out our cracker dough.

amazing whole grain cheddar cheese crackers. recipe here. easy and so good!

pulled pork sandwiches made with our new pork (really good), salad and corn. spring/summer has arrived!

salted caramel chocolate shortbread bars, AKA fancy homemade twix bars. recipe here. easy, delicious, and therefore dangerous...

hobo packs of potatoes and carrots done on the grill.

big wonderful mother's day hugs!


  1. Mmm, lots of good things in this post! The salted caramel choc shortbread bars look really good. We call those Millionaire's Shortbread here. I adore anything with salted caramel so will give these a go. xx

    1. they are tasty, but i think next time i'm going to cut down on the amount of chocolate. too much chocolate for me. i hope you like them!