Saturday, February 23, 2013

a night post

a sad cloud of sickness has settled over our house. fevers, coughs, runny noses. ugh. last week i thought it was hard having a sick toddler, but this week i am unfortunately learning that having a sick 10 week old is even harder. so much scarier. so please think good thoughts for him, and us, as we navigate the next few days. 

so let's focus on the good things that are also happening right now! my wonderful mother-in-law is visiting us. she is an incredible knitter. she made the dress above that gigi is wearing. she wouldn't stand still and this is the best photo i got of it.  

she is teaching me to knit. look at the six rows i knit! sweaters and scarves are filling my head.

she is also an amazing cook. arriving for a visit and finding a sick family probably isn't fun, but we have really appreciated all of her help. it has been so nice to be able to just focus on caring for my sick baby and not worry about cooking and doing the dishes. 

seriously, she is spoiling us. look at that salad!

my new baby sling arrived! i've been trying to use some other carriers but they either are for a bigger baby or just don't work for me. the midwifery center that i had dino at had a demonstration of all the different types of baby carriers. until then i hadn't understood how great ring slings are. i can't wait until we are all over our sniffles and i can wear him in it on a walk outside. 

lastly here is documentation of a new development: the cat willingly spending time with my daughter. we had some nice snuggles and pets with her during our evening story time. 
also, sorry these photos are kind of yellowish. the first chance i had to take photos was at night, so the light isn't the best. i figure that yellow-ish photos are better than no photos at all, right?


  1. So sorry you have all been ill - having a sick baby AND a sick toddler is the worst, I've been there. Your photos are lovely - the look cosy and warm, not yellowish. You mother in law sounds really nice. I expect she is glad to be able to help while things are tough. Take care.

    Gillian x

    1. thank you gillian! i'm so glad it looks cozy, not yellow.

  2. There is sickness everywhere! I don't know how I would actually cope without a sling at the moment!