Monday, February 25, 2013

the bright spots

after taking this little guy to the emergency room last night, i am taking a little time today to focus on the little things that make my life brighter. and yes, he is ok. he has a nasty virus, but he is strong and will come through it just fine. it was our first time taking one of our children to the emergency room. the hospital staff were wonderful, but i sure hope we won't be returning there any time soon. here are my little happy moments of the day:

a new home for the nature table

i learned to purl today


our daughter is going to be attending a new preschool in April and she received the sweetest note from one of her new classmates.


books for all the parts of our lives

the beautiful food styling and photography in this book. just perfect.


  1. Oh no. I hope everyone is ok. Being sick sucks. Especially when they are that young. I am just getting over the flu (even with a flu shot) and the kid had a cold which started the whole downward spiral.

    1. it's awful. everyone i know has gotten pretty sick this year. ugh.

  2. Cassie, Im so sorry he has been so ill.
    As for the note, I think I want to go with her!