Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Ebb and Flow

There have been many highs and a few lows in the last week.

The highs: blooming poppies, honeysuckle, and roses; my children correctly identifying the stem of foxglove blossoms in the pages of the kindergarten weekly reading; the sweetest big sister bringing art supplies and snacks to her brother who was resting outside with baking soda paste on his first bee sting; a perfect warm breezy day at the beach; delicious fish and chips; pink, hazy sunsets; magazines and deli sandwiches; take out dinners; baby animal videos on sick days (we also watched a video of a baby robin hatching; G "it looks like a wiggling piece of meat!" said with disgust; D "I want to see it's bottom!" said with delight)

The lows: holding a coughing child that proceeded to throw up over my shoulder and down my back; not getting nearly enough sleep for too many nights; getting a call two hours into preschool that Dean wasn't doing very well; getting a Scarlet Fever diagnosis the following day; being so tired and distracted that I "cooked" a chicken on the bbq for an hour at 600 degrees (incinerated!); missing the last PTA meeting of the year and the preschool end of year potluck (fingers crossed we will still get to go on our anniversary date this weekend!)

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