Sunday, June 12, 2016

Still In It

This week I learned that no matter how hard you try, siblings are most likely going to pass germs to each other. After Gianna came down with strep throat yesterday, I learned that strep can turn into scarlet fever if left to develop (which is what happened to Dean last week), and if it is still left untreated it can move into the heart and damage it. Yikes! This bout of sickness has really put a damper on the start of Summer Break. A new batch of library books has been keeping us all happy, especially the book Bowl which makes me hungry every time I look at it.

I discovered that setting up 'beds' outside with snacks and the Magic Treehouse audiobook is a great way to get some gardening done with sick kids. Also, look at that ripening raspberry! It was rootstock out of someone's yard that a friend dropped by last fall and I hastily planted in a barrel on the front porch and there it has remained. I have dreams of berries in our yard, but it's near the bottom of the big outdoor to-do list. I have been swooning over this garden since seeing it yesterday. Maybe someday we will have a 120 ft bed of berries too!

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