Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Feels Like Winter

We had our first snow flakes of the season earlier this week. This morning we woke to below freezing temperatures and frost covering everything. Tomorrow a 'snow storm' is expected, which means 2-4" of snow. The whole city practically shuts down when it snows. It's the one day a year that the local news is entertaining, showing footage of cars slowly skidding into each other because no one here knows how to drive in the snow. School will probably be cancelled. Vincent bought a sled on his way home from work tonight, just in case.

Our tradition is to hold off on holiday decorations until after Dean's birthday on the 11th, but they are slowly creeping in, bit by bit. Christmas crafting will not be stopped! I had been hiding this very heavy beer advent calendar in the closet since October. I actually had gotten used to it in there and had forgotten to give it to Vincent on the 1st. Whoops! December 3rd was just as good of a day for a surprise.

I have been trying, and somewhat succeeding, to eat more vegetables. The theory is that the more nutrients I eat, the healthier I will be/feel. I fell off the veggie wagon a bit this week, relying on takeout and easy to make food (frozen raviolis). My cold from Thanksgiving has turned into bronchitis and a sinus infection and I just can't put forth the cooking effort. Interestingly, four years ago today was my due date with Dean. I had a sinus infection then too. At the end of my doctor's appointment this morning, when she asked if I had any other questions, I said, "What is the point of getting a cold or virus, from an evolutionary standpoint? Other than killing off the very weak, it doesn't do anything other than be really annoying." She looked very surprised and replied, "That is a very good question that I can't answer. But that's a very good question!" Does anyone know? Does anyone have a theory?

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