Thursday, June 2, 2011

my favorite meatloaf

greek meatloaf, creamy cauliflower mac, and chard from our neighbor's garden

i have a love/hate relationship with magazines. i really, really love them, to the point where i don't want to ever get rid of them. ever. and then they get dusty and they're such a pain to move... so last christmas my big gift was an ipad! my husband had already set it up with digital magazine subscriptions to Living Etc and Martha Stewart Living. i really like not having the bulk of the magazines around. also, a print subscription to Living Etc is totally cost prohibitive because it is a British publication, but the digital version is totally reasonable.

i have a few complaints about digital vs print:

1. my ipad isn't as big as a magazine. yes, i can enlarge the pages, but then you don't see it all at once.

2. because they aren't laying around the house where i can see them, i don't repeatedly flip through the issues in the same way.  maybe i just need to get in the habit. part of the problem is that when i sit down with my ipad, instead of thinking 'oh, i should browse through the latest issue of MSL,' i think 'what's happening on facebook? what's happening on all of the blogs i read?' so maybe i just need to remind myself somehow that the magazines are there.

3. i can't tear pages out and pin them on the wall. this is my biggest complaint. i love to do this, although it's not like i have a shortage of ripped pages from previous issues. i have so many, i need to buy several binders to organize them all.

after listening to all of this my husband showed me how to take a screen shot and save it to my photo folder. and because of that little piece of magic i am able to share with you my favorite meatloaf recipe. and i didn't have to scan it or anything! how great is that? it's from the Feb 2011 issue. i've made this recipe a lot, but you wouldn't know it. no stains on the 'page' or anything.

i love this recipe for a few reasons. it starts with a base mix, pictured above, that is done in the food processor, so it is super easy. it is also a double recipe, so you have one to cook and one to freeze, which i really love.

then i usually make the Glazed Meatloaf and a Greek Meatloaf. i tried making the Skewered Greek Meatballs, but they were too wet and fell off the skewers, so i made it into a loaf the next time. really good! 

another tiny complaint is that right after signing up for a year of digital MSL through Zinnio (the digital magazine app) MSL announced that they would have special ipad issues to download that had interactive features. same thing with Everyday Food. i get that in print, but next year i'll switch both to their interactive downloadable issues. even with my complaints, i think that digital is the way to go. and come to think of it, i haven't tried printing out these screen shots. maybe that will work for those extra inspiring pages that i want to see all of the time... i'll let you know what i find out.

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