Wednesday, June 15, 2011

new mixer!!

i am now the proud owner of a kitchen aid stand mixer! i've had a vintage one from the 1950's for years, but it has been on it's way out for a while. two years ago i used it to make marshmallows and the engine started smoking. it hasn't been the same since. also, it only has a whisk attachment and the new attachments aren't compatible. so now i have a new shiny machine! it's amazing!

i was running late with dinner, a common occurrence on sunday evenings, which usually means gigi starts melting down while i'm cooking. vincent offered to roll out the pasta dough while i finished the veggies. once he started rolling out the dough gigi was completely fascinated. you can see her little face in the reflection of the mixing bowl.

on monday i made cinnamon swirl bread. 

i now understand why bakers get up so early in the morning! so much time goes to rising...

it was so worth it though! it's wednesday now and we've already eaten half of the loaf. i'm going to freeze some of it in slices that i can pull out individually for french toast on a whim. cinnamon french toast is the best!

yesterday i made a loaf of white sandwich bread. after making the cinnamon swirl, this was super easy. i've put a few bread baking books into my hold list at the library. i'd love to find a good whole grain bread recipe. 

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