Monday, July 11, 2011

personal style

i feel as though i've hit a fashion fork-in-the-road.  

if i had my way i would live in a kate spade ad, pictured above. i would wear skirts, blouses and heels with wonderful trench coats everyday. alas, that is not my life. nor was it my life before i had a child. i just really like being comfortable more than being stylish. i think i'm a little lazy when i comes to my appearance. i'm always showered and all of that, but most of the time i can't be bothered to put on mascara. laziness, pure and simple. 

i would also really love to wear a shirt dress all of the time, except that they are so annoying to actually wear, unless all you are doing is standing. but they are so cute and flattering on me...

the last few days i have been feeling frumpy. i want to break out of my current fashion rut, which consists of one pair of skinny jeans, a tee shirt, a hoodie, and sneakers. at least i'm not wearing sweats... 

i decided to go back through my tumblr and pull the fashion pics that i had posted in the last month or so. after looking through them i realized that my taste has become a bit more bohemian. 

it shocks me. a lot. i'm always teasing my friend anna about her boho style and how i don't get it. except maybe i'm starting to a bit.  

or maybe it isn't actually boho, but just less preppy. 

anyway, i tried on my first pair of clogs today, and i liked them (!) zappos will be delivering them to my door shortly :)

i am going to attempt to take in the waist on my wide-legged jeans. i like them but they are too big. somehow i have ended up 10 pounds lighter than i was when i got pregnant two years ago. so none of my clothes fit. 

of course i'm not actually complaining about losing weight. i am still surprised by it. nursing has done wonders for me. now i just need new clothes!

i'm really loving the looks at EmersonMade. this trench dress (above) is pretty perfect. i especially love how the skirt is solid with no buttons, unlike a traditional shirt dress. my only complaint about shirt dresses is that the slit is too revealing for me. this dress doesn't have that problem!

so pretty.

anyway, i'm going to do a bit of shopping today and hopefully will feel less frumpy very soon!

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