Monday, October 3, 2011

baking with my girl

everyone says parenting is a balancing act. it's really true. i have found myself frustrated that all i get is naptime and evenings to do things i want to do. i was putting a divide on my time between what i did when it was just me and what i did when gigi was up. of course there are some things you just can't do with a toddler, like pressure canning. it's just not safe. and so far sitting down a reading a novel doesn't really seem to work out either, since she wants to read what i'm reading. but there are a few things that i've started doing with her, like making bread. 

the mixer moves a lot when it is kneading dough, so she keeps her distance, which is just fine with me. i tell her about what i'm adding and how it works. when i was telling her about adding extra flour to prevent sticking she made the sign for 'flower' and had a confused look on her face. it was cute. 

she loves the dough. i try to keep her as involved as possible, except with the oven of course. on baking day she'll run into the kitchen and point at the bowl on the counter and say 'dough?' i love it!

i'm still not sure if she understands that the dough turns into bread, but i wouldn't be surprised. i think santa might have to bring her a tiny rolling pin for christmas this year...

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  1. What a lovely thing to do with Gigi! I remember watching & helping my step dad bake on the weekends. I think this is why I love baking now.