Saturday, December 24, 2011

merry making

the kitchen has been getting a work out lately.

this is my first time making a using royal icing. i love it! i can see myself turning into that crazy lady that makes way too many detailed cookies for her daughter's birthday someday...

sugar cookie family. 

the meringue mushrooms were surprisingly easy. 

the photo isn't that remarkable except for the fact that it features our brand new second oven rack! it's the shiny one on top. i've been limping along with one rack for the last year, but these mushrooms pushed me to get a second one. how else would i have baked them all? it's heaven. it made the cookies that much faster too.

today is the biggest day of prep work: 
this morning, when not changing diapers or making breakfast, i'll be making the chocolate sponge cake and filling for the buche de noel. this afternoon i'll assemble the cake, chop and blanch the kale, and make the cherry stout sauce. oh, and then make dinner - carbonara! and hopefully relax and watch our traditional movies: Will Vinton's Claymation Christmas and Love Actually, while drinking cocoa from our creepy yet charming vintage santa mugs.

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