Wednesday, February 15, 2012

i have the best husband. seriously.

have you ever received a gift that just blew you away? i got one of those yesterday. normally we don't really do much for valentine's day, other than a special meal and cards. well, vincent decided to shake things up a bit and surprise me with a book...

... a beautiful book that he made of this blog!

you know how you have those conversations with your partner about your hopes and dreams? well, one of mine is to write a book. it feels silly to say it because i'm not actively writing stories or anything. my closest friend from high school has a novel coming out soon. to me that is real writing (and so exciting!!). (this is where my husband points out that i am writing too, right here, in this blog, a lot.)  so he decided to take this last year of blogging and put it into a book to show me that i have actually already written a book. isn't he so wonderful? and because he is who he is it is perfect down to the last detail.

look! it's my favorite pattern from my curtains. he took a photo of it, redrew it in Illustrator, and there it is in my gorgeous book!

hand made with love in portland oregon

not only did he do the layout and design, but he bound it too. he even cut out and wrapped the outer sleeve. i love that pot detail!

volume one

it really does feel different to see my photos in a book instead of on a monitor. and i must admit that they look pretty good...

the book is separated by seasons

the wonderful preface he wrote: This book was made from postings on from spring of 2011 through the beginning of 2012. It's a slice of our life as a family of three as we learn and grow with each other in our cute home in SW Portland Oregon. Memories may fade, but they are captured here with the hope that they will live on forever.

to be continued...


  1. This is SO amazing! I got to browse it, and loved it. I can definitely see you doing a book!

  2. Cassie, I think this is possibly the best present I have ever heard of! How thoughtful. And he has amazing talents! I hope you enjoy it as much as I am going through some of your achives ;)

  3. Hello - I have just found your blog and Wow - that present is amazing! He's a keeper. Lovely, lovely blog by the way. Gillian x

  4. Hi! I've also just found your blog and i have to say, it's lovely! And your husband is amazing, i can't believe how beautiful that book looks - like it's just came straight from a publishing house! Very, very well done.