Thursday, February 9, 2012

kitchen prints

i can't believe i'm about to write this, but sometimes i wish we didn't already have so much art. my husband and i used to have a gallery and consequently we have a lot of art. more art than we will probably ever have space to display all at once. which is fine because it is nice to switch up the look of a room from time to time. what's not great is that it feels impractical to buy more art.

you see, i really love these prints.

i kind of want all of them.

i think they would go quite nicely with my kitchen curtains.

there are many other beautiful things over at elsa+sam, but i think these prints are my favorites...


  1. I LOVE these prints and intend to buy one when my house is finished for the kitchen. Glad you are enjoying them too!

  2. I too have been admiring these on etsy. they are fantastic, aren't they?