Monday, February 20, 2012

snapshots from the weekend

homemade pizza - so good!

cuteness by the fire

sunday night dinner prep

gigi's new favorite lunch: bananas, sausage and pickled beets and onions

getting the first batch of seeds started indoors

perfect pot roast


  1. I have been looking at seed catalogues. We have a clapped out house and garden that we bought in August and I sort the garden until we have had some building work on the house. So pots and bags for me this year. I have wanted a garden for so long! The pizza and the pot roast look fab! You take very good pictures.

    1. you can grow a lot in pots and bags. i just pinned a photo in pinterest of a side yard garden done almost exclusively with pots and bags hanging on the fence.

      and thanks for the compliment on my photos. i love taking them.

  2. Gardening, cooking, fire - looks like a good weekend. That pizza looks delicious.

    1. homemade pizza has become a weekend tradition at our house. i make the dough and freeze it ahead of time. pizza is the only meal, other than scrambled eggs for breakfast, that my husband cooks. so pizza night is doubly wonderful; it tastes wonderful and i don't have to make it!