Thursday, March 1, 2012

from garden to kitchen

i planted leeks in my winter garden because i read they were easy to grow in the winter, not because i really loved leeks. after harvesting them and trying out new ways to eat them i can tell you that i love them now. first i have to say that having a winter garden has been really amazing. there were a few days where i found myself at home with a sick child and no veggies to make for dinner. i would worry a bit and then remember the garden outside. of course a winter garden isn't like a spring and summer garden where you can eat from it everyday. things just don't grow that quickly in the winter, at least not where i live. the best example of this was realizing i had on hand all of the ingredients to make chicken and leek pasties, with a side of chard. of course gigi was sick and i don't have any photos... it was a River Cottage recipe, easy and delicious.

when i pulled my winter garden to make way for my spring garden, i found myself with an abundance of leeks and had to try out a recipe for braised leeks from the fantastic new book Grow Cook Eat by Willi Galloway. i checked it out from the library and have put it on my hope-to-own list. she has a lovely blog too.

saute the leeks in some butter for a few minutes, add some chicken broth and white wine and reduce. then sprinkle with parmesan and slide it under the broiler just until the cheese melts. really delicious and rich.

i also had a few cabbages in my garden, but i planted them too late in the fall and they didn't really produce good heads. i did manage to get a tiny tender head from each one, though. 

i sauteed leeks and cabbage together. it was so fresh and really good with the pot roast we had that night. i just used up the last of the winter leeks from my garden and i'm really wishing i had used some to make potato leek soup. you see, it's march 1st today and i woke up to snow on the ground! that's pretty strange  for my part of the world. according to my planting calendar i should be sowing beets, carrots and radishes today. hmmm... so glad we put up our tunnel cloches! i checked on them on monday and the spinach and lettuce have sprouted. despite having the tunnels, i think i'll wait for a sunny day to do my next round of seed sowing. 

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  1. I am in awe of you, you make it sound so easy. The braised leeks recipe sounds really good. We always have turkey and leek pie on Boxing Day with the leftover turkey from Christmas lunch. I should buy leeks more (or maybe grow some!)