Monday, March 12, 2012

snapshots from the weekend

my favorite kind of breakfast

making blueberry muffins

tomatoes and broccoli!

my sweet girl

the new Big Girl Bed

biscuits and tea with a long-lost friend

i had another wonderful gardening class on saturday. i learned all about soil and lovely things like blood meal, bone meal, and kelp meal. 

i am also happy to report that last night was the first night in the Big Girl Bed and she stayed in it all night! crossing my fingers that tonight is just as great.


  1. Ah, the big girl bed! So cute. The bedding is adorable. We put Angus in his big boy bed at New Year - he still loves it. I want to buy Angus the Cath Kidston cowboy bed linen but it's quite expensive...need to save my pennies.

    1. we lucked out and found this bedding for not much money. the horses are just so cute! i had dreams of making her a big quilt and making it all much more homemade, but i didn't plan ahead and she started climbing in and out of her crib and it became apparent that we needed to make the change fast. luckily, i don't think she cares at all. that cath kidston bedding sounds cute. i'm imagining it has a vintage cowboy pattern.

  2. Good morning Cassie, lovely photos as always. Your daughter is a cutie. I have 'tagged' you over at my blog, I hope this is acceptable!