Tuesday, July 24, 2012

oh boy!!

some of the fabric found here

today i bought these cute fabrics to make a quilt for our baby boy that's due to arrive in a few months! i had a dream earlier last week that i had perfect baby girl, so i assumed that i was having another girl. well, we sure were shocked at the ultrasound! surprised and excited!

i'll update on the quilt progress as it goes. i don't get much sewing time these days...


  1. Every dream I had when I was pregnant it was a boy. Imagine my surprise when we found out at 16 weeks it was a girl!

    1. when i was pregnant with my daughter all i did was dream about having a girl, so i thought my dreams were accurate. this time i had one dream that i was having conjoined twins (!), one dream i was having a boy, and one that i was having a girl. i'm just happy i'm not having twins! when i told my midwife about my dreams she said that her mom had dreamt she was having a red-headed boy and was shocked to give birth to a black-haired baby girl. twenty years later she came to visit her daughter and discovered that her new grandson was the red-headed baby she had dreamt about all the years before. such a great story!

  2. Congrats! It's awesome that you are having a baby boy!

  3. Just seen this post - I am catching up with my blog reading after being away. Wow, a boy!! Congratulations! So pleased for you. I have two sisters and was sad at first that Bella would miss out on having a sister, but the relationship between my two is lovely to watch. There is 2 years 5 months between them and I think the age gap works really well. Good luck with the quilt, I love your choice of fabrics. x

  4. Love the fabric...can't wait to see your quilt! xo