Tuesday, July 17, 2012


a couple of weeks ago we went back to kruger's farm and picked some strawberries. really, i picked strawberries while vincent chased gigi and she ate them... they were so sweet and delicious!

a lovely overcast day 

munch, munch, munch

berries, boots, baskets, and bags


trying a new recipe this year from this book.

classic strawberry jam and strawberry and vanilla sauce

strawberry and vanilla sauce on pancakes. just perfect.

when we set out for the farm we were going to pick blueberries and raspberries in addition to the strawberries. the other berries weren't quite ripe yet. i was disappointed, but ultimately it turned out to be a good thing. small amounts of berries are much more manageable to work with. i made the strawberry jam on a monday night and the sauce the next morning. all of the canning and standing wasn't quite what my body had in mind and it gave me some rough abdominal cramps to remind me to take it easy. i guess next time i need to invite some friends and have a canning party. in the meantime i guess i'll just put my feet up and have some tea with toast and jam.


  1. The strawberry vanilla sauce sounds wonderful! I have to tell you that your food pictures are making me hungary.

  2. Your jars look so pretty all lined up! I love fruit picking. I think all the strawberries here have been ruined by the rain so I will back for raspberries soon. Strawberry and vanilla sauce sounds good.

  3. Beautiful strawberries!! Strawberry and vanilla sauce sounds so good!