Monday, October 29, 2012

snapshots from the last few weeks

carnival squash and pozole

my delicata squash harvest

planning meals for the week

sunday night pizza!

granola goodness

this belly is making my arms shorter

quiches for my baby shower that i forgot to put in the fridge at night and had to toss :(

my mama makes good stir fry

squirrel crafting

autumn decorations

another round of quiches...

onion, winter squash, sage, and smoked gouda

afternoon tea break with a new favorite book

pizza and brussels sprouts - a family favorite!

icebox pumpkin-mousse pie - pretty easy to make and really yummy - recipe here

the pretty table at my baby shower yesterday

so lovely. that pear almond tart was so good! maya really outdid herself.

5 weeks of cloth diaper service is a pretty great gift!


  1. You always make me hungary when I look at your food posts!

  2. So many good things to eat here! Love the look of that stir fry, and that ice box pumpkin pie - i need to look into that! I'm glad your friends spoiled you at your baby shower. Five weeks of cloth diaper service is a pretty good gift! x