Saturday, March 23, 2013

is it over yet?

dry toast for my sick girl
well, the sick monster visited our house again last week. we had some lovely sunny weather outside but we were all stuck inside with a very unhappy little girl. i'm happy to say that she is finally better. cleaning up vomit is on my list of least favorite things ever...

i'm hoping that now that it is officially spring we will be free from sickness. of course that is probably just wishful thinking since we have a few more months of rain before it really warms up and it nice outside.

i didn't get a chance to take many photos, and really do any of you want to see pics of sickness? i didn't think so. bowl after bowl of uneaten chicken noodle soup and cream of wheat? instead here are some things that have made me happy or piqued my interest in the last week:

knitting inspiration from frontier dreams

living inspiration from the book Zero Waste Home

sea salt honey butter popcorn, it is so sticky and yummy!

happiness when Stephen Colbert shows up on my favorite weekly political podcast, the Slate Political Gabfest.

wishing i was stuck at soulemama's house with ashley english during a snowstorm last week. it looks so fun!


  1. Cassie, I am really sorry to hear your girl has been unwell. I feel for you on sick cleaning duty. I was once vommited all over at a motorway service station, i had to wash my hair and everything! The joys of parenting. I hope life starts to treat you all more kindly soon.

  2. Oh no, not more sickness! You just have to focus on getting through the days when it's like that. I hope your girl is feeling better now. Great links above. x