Tuesday, April 16, 2013

a belated birthday update

this year for her birthday we decided to have a party with a couple of her friends. the previous years had just been family, but a few little friends were just what we needed to celebrate turning Three this year. she had requested strawberry cake, despite not ever having had any strawberry cake. i don't think i'd ever had strawberry cake either, other than strawberry shortcake. i had grand visions of a beautifully frosted layer cake, but they went out the window in favor of simpler cupcakes. i had to do a little research but i finally found a recipe that didn't include strawberry flavored jello. (i love martha stewart!) it included a recipe for strawberry buttercream, but i'm not a fan of buttercream. i love butter, but when it comes to frosting i want cream cheese. all combined the cupcakes tasted a lot like strawberry ice cream. so yummy! of course the birthday girl that requested them only licked the frosting, then walked away. i also made strawberry lemonade and cheesy herb popcorn. of course i was so busy making everything that i hardly took any photos, but i think these few captured the spirit of the day. i finished her scarf and she loved it. alas, she is in a contrary way lately and will not be in any photos, at least not with any of her new birthday gifts. 
it was a lovely low-key birthday party. it was exactly what we all needed this year. i had fun sewing a dress and dolly dress for her last year and hope to get back to that tradition next year, and maybe knit a sweater too! but this year with an energetic (and teething!) baby there just wasn't any time. and that is ok. we all had fun and i don't think she even missed having a birthday dress. 


  1. She's so cute and what a fun birthday! The cupcakes look delicious! I may have to try this recipe for my upcoming birthday! Strawberries are in season now and I absolutely love cream cheese icing! The cheesy herb popcorn sounds yummy, too! And your little guy is just adorable and so happy!

  2. It all looks and sounds so lovely. Happy birthday to Gigi! There will be plenty more birthdays ahead for layer cakes and handmade gifts - you kept it simple and, with a young teething baby, probably saved your sanity too! x