Friday, April 19, 2013

time for a change


when we decided that we were going to have a second baby i knew it was time to grow out my hair. i'm a short hair girl. my hair is fine and thin, which means it is limp when it is long. one of the nice things about pregnancy is that your hair stops falling out, and i knew this was my last chance at trying to have nice long hair. well, i pretty much wore it pulled back every day. it turns out i don't really like the feel of hair on my neck. and now that i haven't been pregnant for a few months, all of that hair that didn't fall out while i was pregnant now is. combine all of that with having a body that is still in transition and you end up with a frumpy feeling mama.


a new haircut was in order. so much lighter and easier! while it doesn't change the fact that i still only have one pair of pants that fit right now (and i'm too cheap to buy another pair), it at least helps with feeling blah. my friend and i were talking over lunch this week about personal style and how it is difficult to not fall into a rut when you're raising small children. i look pretty great in a pencil skirt, but i can't sit on the floor and play blocks while wearing one. i know this is just a phase, or as my midwife says 'mothering is a season,' but it feels unending while in it. so i will enjoy my new hair style, but continue to wear my uniform of jeans and a hoodie. soon it will be warmer and the season will dictate another change, and by then i'll fit into more of my clothes and this will all seem like a distant memory.

sorry for the iphone photos. i haven't perfected the art of self-portraits with my nice camera...


  1. I love it!! So cute and looks great!! I like my hair on the shorter side too. I have been in that mommy rut for about the last four years and I am finally making my way out of it! I've lost nine pounds so far this year! Yay!!! I have basically been at the same weight since my daughter was born. I'm finally down a size and feeling a bit better about myself. And I'm going for a cut and a few highlights soon (I am way past due!) Enjoy the new hair style! And yes, this is just a phase and it will soon pass!

  2. I love your new do! I am a short hair girl too. I grew it out while I was pregnant thinking it would be easier. I have thick wavy hair, but the curl gets weighted down when it is long so I've kept it shoulder length. But i pull it up in a pony tail everyday. I'm having shoulder surgery in May and it will still be easier for a while to pull it back. After recovery from surgery it's getting chopped off.

  3. Your hair looks great! I remember well how hard it is to feel that you look good after a baby. My main fashion decisions were can I breastfeed in this and is it washable? The washable thing is still an issue, I have to say! I kind of miss dressing for work. But there's nothing like a new haircut to make a girl feel better. :-) x