Wednesday, June 26, 2013

june celebrations

father's day donuts

father's day dining al fresco

june is always a busy month for our family. in the beginning of the month we celebrate our wedding anniversary. about a week after that comes Father's Day, and then a week after that is my husband's birthday. it's a lot of fun, but it also means that i have to come up with three different presents for him for three different occasions...

what is she doing? what is that stuff? i'm pretty sure i want to put it in my mouth, whatever it is...

she was very liberal with the sprinkles.

the cake is pretty (and so delicious) but the best part is her expression in the background. priceless.

birthday dinner: green beans, mashed potatoes, and roast chicken, with a side of baby swing.


  1. I love the cute bunting with the doughnuts! The cake looks delicious and so festive! And your daughter's expression is really precious! She looks so excited and happy! The birthday dinner looks yummy, too.

    1. thanks julia! i couldn't find the bunting i'd made a few years ago, so i sewed this one up the night before. i think i like it better than the previous one!

  2. You celebrate in style and with excellent, delicious-looking homemade food as usual. It all looks so pretty and festive. x