Monday, December 16, 2013

birthday boy

yesterday we celebrated dean's first birthday. it was a small family party, just right for a one year old who doesn't even understand what a birthday is yet, i think. he had a wonderful time. is there anything better than balloons and wrapping paper for a one year old?

the pink (!) gift in the top photo was gianna's gift to him; a little fabric birdhouse and birds that she had received on her first birthday. of course she picked out the wrapping paper and helped wrap it. she 'wrote' a card to him too: "dino i love you. happy birthday dino! i love you dino. it's for you! it's his lucky day! dino's birthday party day! turquoise is mama's favorite color. did you know that? it's ok, you'll learn it soon. happy birthday dino!" it was the sweetest gift. she frequently wants nothing to do with him, so it was so nice for me to see this act of love from her.

i made my very first layer cake and it turned out quite well. i made a sponge cake filled with strawberry jam sweetened with honey that i made last spring. the jam was slightly tart, more like fresh strawberries, which provided a nice counterpoint to the sweetness of the cake.

i was in such a rush that i was finishing up his crown while guests were arriving. i also made a banner with his name on it that i somehow didn't get a photo of. my talented friend maya made the bunting last year for his baby shower.

our plan was to hold off on decorating for christmas until after his birthday, but we changed our minds and put up the tree. once his actual birthday came, though, it felt strange to have both types of decorations up. maybe it is because the rest of us have spring and summer birthdays, but it felt as if the two holidays were in competition. i think next year we will wait. when he is older he will get to decide if he wants christmas decorations up for his birthday or not.

it was a great day for a great boy. it's bittersweet, having him turn one. on one hand i'm really ready to be moving out of the baby phase, but it's also sad that my baby is quickly turning into a toddler. it has been a wonderful last year having him in our lives.

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  1. So you got the crown and bunting finished - yay! I love his little crown, it's adorable. We've always had a lot of family birthdays in December so it doesn't feel strange to me. My daughter turns 7 this Wednesday. And my two sisters celebrate their birthdays on the 23 and 27 December. It was crazy in our house when we were kids, with the presents and cards and parties, but they both say they loved it and it made Christmas extra special. You'll find your own way of celebrating Dean's birthday and Christmas too, at the same time. x