Wednesday, January 22, 2014


it was such a joy to be out of carrots and realize that there were some to be dug out of the garden last saturday. our stew was much tastier with them. the kale is overwintering nicely as well.

we are trying to be a bit more frugal, so i've been trying out different homemade granola bar recipes. this week i made these from smitten kitchen. they are really good, but a bit too sweet and cookie-like for what i want. i'm going to go back to this other recipe for simple granola bars made with just five ingredients and no refined sugar! they are quite crumbly, more like granola chunks, but really good.

my daughter has had a cold for the last few days. i'm holding my breath, waiting to see if anyone else gets it. so far, so good. we've spent a lot of time inside as a result and we are all ready to get back outside and into the world. smoothies, tea, soup, homemade bread, audio books, and snuggles go a long way towards getting healthy.

my little mister is 50-60% walking now! he is taking more and more steps each day. i predict he won't be crawling at all by february. it is wonderful but not without many head bumps and falls. it will be time for his first pair of shoes soon. i've been looking forward to him walking so that we could spend more time outside. right now his hands get so cold and he gets so wet crawling all over the yard that i limit his outside time. he will be so happy to be out there more. it's pretty much all he wants to do.


  1. Ah, your boy is walking! How exciting. Yes, that does make life easier, especially when you're outside. I just love your photos here, I feel like I was pottering around your home with you. x

    1. the walking is quite exciting. it does make going outside easier, but of course now he is getting into more things at home. still, it's really fun! thanks for the kind words about my photos :)