Wednesday, April 23, 2014

being busy

2011 - her first birthday

we've had a busy last couple of months here.

i've been trying to bake all of our bread. i think i've only bought one or two loaves in the last month or so. i tried making some sourdough, but it was too sour, so i didn't keep making it and the starter died.

i've been knitting and knitting and sewing! it feels so good.

we celebrated my big girl turning 4 with pizza, cupcakes, and a strawberry outfit.

the smell of lilacs permeate the house. we are enjoying spring.


  1. Yay for making your own bread! And that pizza looks so good. Happy Birthday to your girl! The strawberry outfit is darling. I saw it on Instagram. I bet the lilacs smell heavenly. Enjoy this beautiful Spring.

    1. Thanks Julia! I bought another loaf today. Eventually I'll find my baking rhythm, right?