Wednesday, October 22, 2014

reading (and listening)

One of the best perks of not sharing our room with a toddler anymore is being able to read in bed again. I've always liked reading a few pages before turning out the light at night. There are no other distractions there; no tv and no iPhone. It's much easier to find something else to do when reading is relegated to other areas of the house, at least for me it is.

The truth, though, is that I 'read' mainly by listening to books. In fact Gianna told her preschool teacher that I don't like music, which is completely untrue. I listen to music a lot, but more often I'll be listening to someone talking rather than someone singing. It's a way for me to keep in touch with the rest of the world and learn new things.

Last month I joined I also get digital audio books through the library. I love a lot of podcasts too. Of course, just as I was getting really into my Audible book (This Town - a really fun book about politics in DC) I got an email letting me know that I had a book ready to download from the library (Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less - fascinating and potentially life changing). Since the library book expires in a few days I switched to it, although I am looking forward to getting back to the backstabbing world of politics soon. With The Smartest Kids in the World I mainly listened to it, but also checked out the print version too. Gianna will be starting kindergarten next fall and hopefully this book will be help me find a good school for her. The questions at the end of the book are really great. The next book on my list to read is Courtney's new book, Three Story House. I can't believe I still haven't read it! I love that there are so many ways to take in books these days.


  1. I really want to get into more podcasts. My husband listens to several and he enjoys them. I listen to the radio a lot, but the options are pretty limited. I will have to check out Audible. I love audiobooks and listen to them every day with my kids.

  2. I like the sound of Audible very much. I listen to the radio constantly (BBC Radio 4 is my favourite - it's all talk, no music) and have done for ever. Especially since being at home with the kids I like the feeling of being informed and connected that it gives me. I think audio books and podcasts are so brilliant as you can read and crochet or knit all at the same time - perfect!