Monday, January 26, 2015

December recap

December went by in a blur. Here it is almost February and I'm just getting around to December... We started off the month with a certain little boy turning 2! It was a birthday we'll never forget. Ten minutes before his party began the power went out and stayed off for the next 17 hours. There was a windstorm blowing outside. A neighbor's tree came down and knocked a power line out as it fell. It was kind of magical to have a candlelit party, but by bedtime the magic was wearing off and the cold was setting in.

Christmas is one of our favorite times of the year, and this year didn't disappoint. We started off our first holiday season in our new house by chopping down a tree from our backyard. It was quite a Charlie Brown tree, but it was perfect. A small house needs a small tree. We baked peppermint cookies, and I even managed to make a buche de noel and peppermint ice cream for Christmas Day. While the marzipan mushrooms were really easy to make, I think I'll go back to the meringue next year. They're just so much prettier!

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  1. Your December was lovely! And it's hard to believe that your little guy is already two. I love the snapshots of your new home, and your kitchen looks amazing!