Thursday, March 26, 2015


It's officially spring, has been for almost a week now, and it is glorious. Everything is blooming; daffodils, camellias, azaleas, bluebells, magnolias, apple, cherry and pear trees, even the lilacs are beginning to open. Everyday the kids bring me multiple bouquets gathered from the front and back yards. I'm definitely going to add a flower bed just for cutting when we put the garden in. They've also requested more tulips. I'm really enjoying discovering new plants each week as they begin to flower, but I'm also itching to make my mark on this yard as well. I was happy to learn that the soil samples I sent off came back with minimal levels of lead, so we can use the existing soil for a garden. I think we're going to do some major landscaping before the garden beds will be ready, so I'll be twiddling my thumbs a bit longer while I wait for that to happen. I'm crossing my fingers it will be ready in time to plant tomatoes. My two favorite things to grow are sugar snap peas and tomatoes. There's nothing better than wandering into the garden and snacking on either of those right there, still warm from the sun.

I'm trying to finish Gianna's fair isle sweater for her birthday, although it's so warm now I fear she won't be wearing it much. I'm halfway through the second sleeve. Barring any major confusion, I think I'll be able to finish it in the next week, plus sew a skirt for her, make party favors, a cake, etc. So now I'm off to knit!


  1. Hi Cassie! I love the photos of your new home and yard. That is cutest little posy in the second photo. I love having fresh flowers around the house, and it doesn't have to be a big bouquet either, just the simplest little jar or vase filed with a few flowers makes me very happy! I hope you are enjoying Spring!

  2. Hi Julia! The flower in the second photo is from our magnolia tree. I love it! Happy Spring to you!