Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Bathroom: Before and After

The bathroom is the only room in our house that didn't get a fresh coat of paint before we moved in. The previous owners had chosen terrible colors for the whole house and the bathroom was no exception. For the bathroom they tried to match the tile colors, with pink walls and a burgundy ceiling. The dark ceiling made it feel really small, and it's already a pretty small room. While my husband was installing a ceiling fan the dark paint began peeling away. Of course it didn't all come off and we knew it was beyond time to give this room a nice coat of paint. Why would you paint the vent? They painted the inside of the medicine cabinet burgundy too. I just don't understand.

In the store the paint looked like a light gray, but on the walls it looks more blue. At first we weren't sure about it, but changing the shower curtain made all the difference. Having a light colored shower curtain also makes the room lighter and bigger. For the first week after hanging the new curtain there were many requests for 'the yellow submarine song!' The new sink is a really great too. I love it! The previous sink was alright, but didn't have any storage under it, which this tiny bathroom desperately needed.


  1. It looks like a really stylish, child friendly bathroom. I like your sink a lot and I know just what you mean about storage. The bathroom in our new house is horrible (I call it the cave) and there is no-where to put anything, it's so annoying! I am forever dropping my contact lens pot into the sink as it wont stay on the edge of the basin. I've told John he has to put up a shelf and medicine cabinet this weekend. xx

  2. I agree. The new design looks cleaner and accommodating. The fun-character design on the shower curtain is nice, too! It added that extra “lively and friendlier” feel to it. And yes, the new sink is better, looked modern and sturdier. I think you did a great job!

    Fred Richardson @ SGKHomeSolutions