Friday, July 3, 2015

In The Heat

The garden is taking this heat we're in the middle of in full stride. The beans have almost outgrown their teepee already (yikes!).  I've harvested two zucchini, a handful of broccoli, chives, green onions, lingering shelling and snap peas, tiny carrots, basil, oregano, and parsley. Every morning I ask the kids to go count how many poppies have bloomed. There are always a few new ones to delight in. The red sunflowers have begun to open and I think the yellow ones are close behind. There are tiny cucumbers waiting for me to pick a pickling recipe; do I ferment them or process them? The tomatoes are also getting counted frequently, usually accompanied by my caution of 'be gentle, please' or 'you can count them without touching them.' While I love everything in the garden, tomatoes are ultimately why I have a garden. They're my favorite, along with snap peas. Both can't be rivaled when purchased at the grocery store compared to picked out of the garden. When I start to get impatient about the tomatoes I have to remind myself that it's only the beginning of July. There's still a lot of summer for ripe tomatoes.

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  1. We were in Seattle last week and the heat up there was amazing. It's currently 63 degrees here in Denver today and raining. Somehow we've traded weather and I'm not happy about it! Although I've not had my AC or sprinkler system on for very long!