Tuesday, February 28, 2017

A Hope of Spring

Tomorrow is March 1st and we are all feeling quite ready for spring to begin. The garden is tilled and ready to be planted. Vincent built that lovely cold frame box at the foot of the garden for me, so I can harden off the seedlings I start inside.

The finishing touches were put on our new kitchen pass through/counter and it is now the most popular spot in the house. One morning I heard the kids get up and I found them both sitting on stools in the dark, waiting for breakfast to magically appear on the counter. We all love it. Now someone can sit and chat with me while I cook. Before, friends would, understandably, drag chairs into the kitchen and, unfortunately, be in the way. Now it's much more inviting.

Gianna has been creating books lately. She staples the pages together and then writes and illustrates them. If she finishes her story but still has a page or two left she adds an authors note, which includes the list of all the other books she has written. It's so cute. Our favorite is called "I Love My Family." In it she lists how much she loves everyone: Daddy to the moon and back, Mom as much as gold, little brother as much as money, the cat as much as a pearl and herself as much as a ruby. I was so happy to see that she included herself. I hope she holds onto that love for the rest of her life.

Last week I read Hillbilly Elegy. It was compelling and well written. I've been listening to Rebecca Solnit's Hope in the Dark which is uplifting, beautifully written and makes me well up with tears frequently because I'm one of those people (overly sentimental) that cries at anything sweet, sad or good: commercials, movie trailers, community parades... I'm looking forward to some serious (non-emotional) escapism with Big Little Lies.


  1. The kitchen seems to be the heart of a house. It's great you have it now convenient and with all that great light. That food looks yummy, I am glad to see your kids loves vegetables. Our kids did too and now they are adults who loves to eat vegetables. Sweet books your daughter is making, make sure to save a few so she can see them many years from now.

  2. Your kitchen looks fantastic! It's amazing, the difference it makes, just opening up that part of the wall. Your husband is very handy around the house, what with kitchen renovations and cold frames. The ramen looks very good too. x