Monday, November 12, 2018


This morning's sunrise was spectacular. It has been cold, windy and clear here the last few days, with each day making me think 'I should have brought my sunglasses today' which is unusual for this season for us. Normally we have moved into full time rain by now. I'm enjoying the sun and cold, especially with the wood stove to warm up by.

I impulse bought that cute pumpkin pie banner today. It's my husband's favorite dessert, and really I always want to celebrate baking! This year I'll be making a pumpkin pie for us, plus the best green bean casserole from Smitten Kitchen and (probably) the Glazed and Flakey Apple Tart and Fall Spritz from the latest issue of Bon Appétit to share with family on Thanksgiving. It's funny, I'm not an apple fan, unless it's an apple pie or tart. This tart looks so delicious. Almonds! Puff Pastry! The Fall Spritz also has apple in it, but it is a dry cider which works for me. Plus the Amaro makes it really bitter, which I like.

I also impulse bought that Norwegian-inspired table runner today. Halloween ends and suddenly it feels like the holiday pressure is on. Plus, I've got a boy turning six in a month who will need a birthday party! I'm hoping this table runner will guide me through this season with an eye toward simplicity and harmony.

I've spent the last few months planning my kids' school Book Fair for this year, and it starts tomorrow! I've switched the company we usually partner with and have chosen a local book store instead, complete with students doing a poetry reading one evening. Fingers crossed that it all goes well! I'll be happy to have it off my plate because in two weeks another mom and I are heading up the costume committee for the third, fourth and fifth grade school play about The Underground Railroad. Time to dust off my sewing machine...


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