Tuesday, May 31, 2011

sewing studio

one of the things on my list for last weekend was make curtains for the kitchen and bathroom. well, i'm halfway there! the curtains are cut, pressed and overlocked. i would have finished them but my sewing machine is getting a much needed tune up right now. i can't wait to get them finished and up! the kitchen fabric, on the left, i randomly found last week at the Mill End Store. i love it so much it hurts. the bathroom fabric, on the right, is vintage. i got it at a fabric swap ten years ago. it has moved everywhere with me. i'm so glad it finally has a home!

that little bit of sewing led to some general tidying. we moved into this house last december and this room still isn't organized. when i find a spot that looks nice, i try to capture it, knowing that at some point it will all look nice.

a mini-salon wall in my studio. the top is a piece by kendra binney. my husband used to have an art gallery and she showed there a few times. amazing work. the bird on the left is by amy ruppel. she is so prolific! they are both local artists. the two pieces on the right i got at a street fair in prague. i don't know what they are, but i think they are cute.

hopefully someday i can post photos of nicely organized stacks of fabric... someday... right?

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