Tuesday, May 31, 2011

breakfast, lunch & dinner

diner-style breakfast: hash browns, fried eggs, bacon and tea. not pictured: a bavarian cream donut and a maple bar...

antipasti salad, inspired by the latest issue of Everyday Food. i would post a link, but it doesn't seem to be online yet...

marinara made from leftovers and salad. i never thought i'd be one of those parents who pureed vegetables to hide them in food, but it turns out i am. (and she LOVED it!)

coconut pullman cake from Grand Central Bakery. the buttercream on this is ridiculous.


  1. that looks delicious :)
    and the coconut cake looks better than delicious !

    nice blog :*


  2. thanks! the cake was amazing. my husband doesn't like coconut, so it was up to me to eat all of it, and i did... :)