Saturday, May 28, 2011

weekend happenings

it's memorial day weekend! here's what we are hoping to do:

-get some soil and compost to fill up these gorgeous raised beds that my husband built. i'm going to call Naomi's to see what they have.

-investigate this recipe from Baking Illustrated.

-possibly go check out Pullet Day today at Pistil's Nursery. in addition to getting the garden going, we want to build a coop and get some chickens. is there a season for chickens?

-spend some time with my newly fixed serger! (i just noticed that the knife cover is open here. hmmmm...)

-get going on some sewing projects, such as kitchen and bathroom curtains.

-have a bbq on sunday regardless of the weather.

-visit the farmer's market. i'm dying for another slice of cherry pie from Lauretta Jean's.

-oh yeah, and chill out so i can finally kick this cold that turned into a sinus infection...

it's doubtful that all of this will happen, but any combination of these things will make me happy!

have a great weekend!

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