Thursday, August 25, 2011


here's what i've been reading and making today:

-soulemama's Feel-Better Pops for my little one with a fever.

-beef bacon. who knew there was such a thing? we purchased an 1/8th of a cow and were surprised that it included beef bacon. tomorrow morning we will have a little taste of it with breakfast.

-nourished kitchen's step by step on how to render lard. we're getting half a hog next month and i'm deciding whether i want to try rendering the lard for use in baking and frying. i'm leaning toward trying it.

-my favorite meaty red sauce; the first dish made with our grass-fed beef. so good! i was worried that it would taste gamey to me, having eaten corn-fed beef all of my life, but it was delicious!

-searching the pickle archives to figure out what to do with all of my cucumbers and beans.

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