Thursday, September 1, 2011

savoring the last bits of summer

we've had a pretty mild summer in the pacific northwest. august brought us some heat, which the garden loved, but now it's starting to feel like fall. i've been busy canning, cooking, and gardening (and watching true blood), which has left me little time to blog...

here's a bit of what i've been reading and exploring:

thinking about fall and the festivals it brings.

drooling over this house, hoping that someday something like it may be ours.

looking for a good tomato relish or tomato jam recipe that isn't too sweet. wouldn't you love a savory burst of summer slathered on your fried egg sandwich in the middle of winter? or right now, for that matter...

reading the stash of River Cottage books that i've gotten from the library. i think my favorite one so far is the River Cottage Family Cookbook. i love how it has info, recipes and projects.

planning the winter garden. i impulsively bought some winter veggie starts at the grocery store and now need a place to plant them. my wonderful husband will be building some terraced beds in the front yard this weekend. looking forward to cabbage, leeks and broccoli!

turning 35 last week with a lovely dinner date with vincent. it seems like a milestone of sorts, but i don't feel any different.

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