Saturday, September 3, 2011

the weekend

enjoying this last bit of the purple snap peas. i will miss their pretty tendrils.

we are taking this three day weekend to transition the garden from summer to fall. we're saying goodbye to the snap peas, snap beans, dill, and calendula, and hello to fall cabbage and overwintering leeks and broccoli. as i type this my husband is building the raised beds for the front yard!

also on the to-do list:

plan a camping trip for mid-september

prepare for my mother-in-law's visit next week

plan the weekend's meals (bbq, salad, something with the lovely eggplant that arrived in our farm box)

clean the coop

take a walk

think about the awesome dinner, walk, and talk with my wonderful friend

and last but not least:

enjoy gigi's new-found love of pigtails! they pretty much kill me with their cuteness.

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