Tuesday, April 10, 2012

birthday celebrations

we had a couple of birthday celebrations last week.  a tiny party with my best friend and her girls on gigi's actual birthday, and then a family party last sunday. 

i spent the last couple of weeks getting up an hour or two earlier than everyone else to get this birthday collection made. i downloaded the girl and matching doll dress pattern here. they were really easy to make and so cute! i used the crown pattern in the book The Creative Family. the crowns are simple and so charming. the bonnet was a last minute addition, inspired by nicole's girls. i downloaded that pattern here. it was also really easy to make and looks really nice. 

a new dolly and a new cradle!

i love a good spring feast!

i made cakes in jars colored with veggies, like beets and carrots, and then topped them with whipped cream. recipe here. a half pint jar is a great size for small hands. i think i'll be making lots of desserts in jars for picnics and bbqs this summer.

my favorite part is that she only had a few bites, mainly the whipped crew, and left most of her cake uneaten. i'm so glad she didn't go sugar crazy, since she really hasn't had much of it yet.

it was a wonderful day! i can't believe she is two already...


  1. Cassie, the doll and the matching outfits are amazing! I wish I could do this for my daughter, she would absolutely love it. Your daughter is very lucky, Happy Birthday to her!

  2. I love your blog, Cassie! Such lovely simplicty is in life and you make everything so beautiful and special. Gianna is blessed beyond measure to have a mommy like you.

  3. Oh how adorable - what a great birthday. She is too cute for words! Happy Birthday little one! x

  4. The dress, hat and matching doll outfits are so beautiful! Well done. You've inspired me to try this for my daughter's birthday (it's December, so i should have time...) Looks like she had a lovely party. Love the cakes in jars. xx

    1. thank you! i think i had as much fun making all of it as she is playing with it.

  5. Oh Aunt Cassie! That was too sweet and Miss Gianna looked lovely in her dress. Well done as always! We love you and your family so very much!!!