Wednesday, April 11, 2012


this year we had some fun with natural egg dyes. i followed this chart and used onion skins, beets, black tea, and blueberries. i hardboiled the eggs first and then let them sit in the dye overnight. 

i love how earthy they look. from front to back: beets, black tea, onion skins, and blueberries.

gigi proved herself to be a very good egg shell peeler. she would have been happy doing it all day long.

easter is a great excuse to make deviled eggs. i hadn't made them in years! so good and so easy, i must remember them for bbqs this summer.

i clipped some flowering quince branches from just over the fence in our neighbor's yard. they are in a large vase in our breakfast nook. i made a few easter bunny crafts to nestle in the branches. so simple and fun.

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