Wednesday, August 29, 2012

a memorable birthday

delicious bowls of ramen
my birthday started off great. the night before i had a lovely date with my husband where we went out to dinner, then dessert, and then a cocktail party at our friend's house. the last time we'd been at our friend's house i was pregnant with gigi...

attempting to eat my birthday omelette with my new dinosaur chopsticks from gigi
the next morning was lovely. i woke up to wonderful presents and a yummy breakfast. we had a big afternoon planned of picking apples and a picnic. i decided that i would be responsible and go to prenatal yoga that morning. it was a good idea. alas, fate had other ideas...

the birthday presents i didn't ask for

i never even managed to do any yoga that morning. i twisted my ankle right in front of the yoga studio. luckily my teacher and classmate came running out and helped me inside. i spent the next hour sitting on the couch at the yoga studio icing my foot, listening to class go on. needless to say, we didn't go apple picking. we did have a picnic of sorts, but really it was picnic food eaten at the kitchen table while we talked about what urgent clinic to go to. you should have seen the looks on people's faces as they saw a pregnant woman hopping around on one foot when i was going to the clinic. the clinic was  freaked out by my pregnancy, so i had wait to go to a specialist the next day to find out what was wrong. was it sprained or broken? i got crutches and was sent home.

usually i look forward to getting new boots for the fall. this isn't really what i had in mind.
the next day i went to the specialist, who was great, and found out i tore three ligaments in my foot. estimated healing time is 4-8 weeks. ugh. at least it's not broken! thankfully with this walking boot i don't have to use crutches. i am not good with crutches. i crashed into our brick hearth and scraped my shoulder the night i got my crutches.

aside from the fact that my birthday got hijacked by a foot injury, the hardest thing about all of this is staying off my foot. with the boot i can get around ok, but it hurts. my nesting instincts seem to be stronger than my desire to rest my foot. i'm not doing well relaxing, although i am getting some reading done. i just finished reading this book. totally crazy. i also am getting cabin fever. you see, both of our cars are stick shifts and there is no way i can push in a clutch with this boot on. also, not being able to take painkillers, other than tylenol, isn't ideal. i sure would love some advil. or really some advil and a margarita, if i'm being honest.

on the bright side, the baby is fine and i'll be all healed before he arrives. and i will never forget my 36th birthday. happily i have wonderful friends and family who have been coming over to play with gigi and cook us dinner. now i just need to figure out how to not go crazy in the next month or so and let myself heal. this post on soulemama was perfectly timed for me.

have any of you had injuries while also caring for young children? any tips?


  1. I haven't been on crutches since I had Corrine. Many years ago I did, however, tear a tendon in my right ankle and ended up having surgery. Had a cast, crutches, the boot, physical therapy. The whole nine yards. I understand completely what you're going through. I hope you heal completely. It certainly was a memorable birthday though!!

  2. Oh Cassie, I really feel for you, you poor thing! When I was about 30 weeks pregnant with Angus I threw my back out and couldn't move for about five days. Not long, I know. It was awful trying to "rest" while I had Bella, then aged two, to look after. The worst thing was not being able to take any decent painkillers because I was pregnant - so you have my sympathy.

    John dislocated his knee a few years ago and found the crutches really hard work. By the time he got used to them he didn't need them any more. Just rest and do some sitting down nesting like knitting/crochet/hand sewing, and lots of reading magazines and books and blogs! Take care and get well soon. xx

    ps. I am horrified at the way the clinic dealt with your pregnancy. Here, you'd go to your local Accident and Emergency dept and be assessed then seen by a specialist. It's good to know the NHS isn't totally useless!