Thursday, September 20, 2012

from my kitchen

beef and bean chili with all of the best toppings

eggs benedict with a garden fresh tomato and mock hollandaise (one of my all-time favorites!)

measuring and mixing

enthusiastically tasting

carefully peeling

more eggs benedict with chard and yellow heirloom brandywines.

slow roasted tomatoes with garlic and herbs. the house smelled amazing.

homemade grape gelatin. just like regular jello, but no chemicals or dyes!

chicken and dumplings from the slow cooker

while i am still limping around with a sore foot, i have been managing to keep us fed with wholesome delicious food. standing up cooking makes my foot hurt, but it makes me feel good in so many other ways that the pain is worth it. i'm in the throes of nesting right now and all i want to do is cook, and can, and freeze food. and reorganize the house. and fold all of the baby clothes over and over and over.

gigi started preschool recently, so in theory i should be able to be a slightly less-lazy blogger... at least until baby #2 arrives.


  1. Everything looks amazing!! The chili topped with black olives, the huge loaf of bread, eggs benedict, and the chicken and dumplings (I would love to have this recipe.) Okay, I am off to make fresh bread now!!

  2. I love how you say the comfort you get from being in the kitchen is worth the pain in your foot. (I hope your foot is getting better, by the way) The products of your work look amazing, and just think how good you'll feel when you can eat all that good food when baby comes and you are exhausted. x