Tuesday, September 18, 2012

my amazing friends, part two: anna

continuing with yesterday's theme of my amazing friends, let's talk about anna joyce today.

 in addition to adorning pillows, hoodies, textiles, etc with her beautiful designs, she is also one of my dearest friends.

gillian, don't you love the orla style of this hoodie?

i have two of her appliquéd hoodies and i wear them constantly, well i did until i could no longer zip them. oh pregnancy... they are soft, stylish and perfect.

how cute are these pillows? gigi has a bear made by anna that is one of her favorites.

 she has an etsy shop full of lovely things, all of which i want. check out her blog too for snippets of her life with her family and her creative process.

after lots of hard work anna has become a finalist in Martha Stewart's American Made Awards. click the link to check out her work and vote for her. she is really talented and dedicated and should definitely win!


  1. Yes, the orla-inspired hoodie is fabulous! I've just had a look at her Etsy shop - so many good things. I love her style. I am coveting the Bloomsbury Dot cushion, as well as a hoodie and a bag - all gorgeous. Your friend is very talented.